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Hello, Kia ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Kia orana,  Bula vi naka, Shalom, Bońjour, Samaadhi, Dia dhuit, Keshi, Chŕo, Aveoveoyu, Halo, Konnichi wa, Namasté, Salaam, Guten Tag, Aloha, Mirembe, Goddag, Hola, Sawubona Taloha Ni!!

Welcome to our website!

It is designed with you in mind, to let you know about our facilities and services and the wonderful venue that is Wainuiomata Marae(leave your mouse cursor over the first three pictures until it loads to get a different view). We are situated on corner of Wellington Road and Fitzherbert Road, Parkway Extension, Wainuiomata, with a bush backdrop  surrounded by large grass areas, very central to Wainuiomata Central Business District.

Have a browse at what is available and leave some feedback, Ka kite ano! (see you again!)


The Circle of Life 


      Ahakoa tokorua kotahi ranei                   If there be just one or two young people

      Tamaiti whawha ki te hoe Maori          Who grasp the paddle of their culture,           

      Koe ana toe hoe to waka - Pukeatua         Then they will be Pukeatua

      Koe ana ngā hoe o Pukeatua                     The people of Pukeatua.

     Ko ia na ngā hoe o Pukeatua.


This logo symbolizes the unity of all tribes in Aotearoa as shown by the interweaving patterns in the center of the design. Male and female joining together from the four corners of the compass, with young families in close harmony

Circle of life - Vision by the late Ralph Olsen, designed by Rangi Hetet.

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